In simple terms life insurance is designed to provide benefits for those left behind when somebody dies. There are many different ways to do this and although a simple product getting the right product, structured in just the right way can be far from simple.

Personal Planning Services
Personal Planning Services

An example of the potential gain from taking advice is as follows:

Did you know that the cost of insuring a couple is broadly the same as insuring the individuals for the same amounts each. A joint policy would only pay out on the first event and cease whereas the individual policies would pay on the first and again on the second therefore you can have twice the benefits for just a few pounds more, (typically the cost of an additional policy or admin fee).

Why get independent advice?

Firstly you ought to end up with the correct policy for your circumstances rather than an off the shelf product.

You should get the most reasonable premium as offered by all the major insurers as we are completely independent and not just offering products from one or at best a few providers.

Should you add critical illness cover, terminal illness cover, permanent total disability, waiver of premium? You probably wouldn’t know but we do!

If you have a specialist requirement we can even take it direct to Lloyds for you!

We almost always find that we can undercut the major high street and online providers, (where you do not get any advice or assistance with your planning needs) by up to 15% and still offer a fully supported and efficient service. Just contact us to discuss your needs.

As often happens in markets like this the competition is fierce and therefore to get the keenest prices it is worth reviewing your existing cover to see if you can get a “like for like” or more efficient product more cost effectively.

We will talk you through the whole process and recommend the best course of action for your circumstances including the use of trusts for speed and inheritance tax efficiency.

Anyway, that’s enough waffle, here are some of the products available, click on the “what is this” to learn more.

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