A Renewable Term Assurance gives financial protection for dependants by providing a lump sum in the event of death. There is no surrender or maturity value.

A Renewable Term Assurance allows you to replace your original policy at the end of its term, regardless of your then state of health. If you decide to renew the policy premiums will be based on your age at that time.

Personal Planning Services
Personal Planning Services

Summary of benefits:

  • The benefits under this policy are guaranteed and do not depend on investment performance.
  • Replace lost earnings to meet essential outgoings such as mortgage payments or school fees.
  • Ensure that a reasonable standard of living is maintained by continuing income until children are self-supporting.
  • Secure help in bringing up children and maintaining the family home.
  • Allow a surviving parent to devote time and attention to the needs of children.
  • Supplement dependant’s pension and other benefits.
  • The policy can be written under trust for ease of administration on death or part of an IHT planning exercise to reduce the value of your estate(s).
  • Can be written as a single, joint or last survivor policy to meet your objectives.
  • Life assurance cover can continue irrespective of your state of health by effecting the conversion option.

Risk Warnings

  • If you stop paying the contribution the life cover will cease.
  • The effects of inflation could reduce the purchasing power of your benefits.
  • The plan has no cash value either during or at the end of the term.

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